July 22, 2009

12 million

$4,175 a year is what the Milliman Consulting group estimates we spend per capita on health in the US. That figure includes the cost of insurance borne by your employer, you and your out-of-pocket and co-pays etc. source

The current version of Obamacare covers illegal immigrants and their families. There are an estimated twelve million illegals in this country. That means you, Joe Taxpayer will be footing an annual bill of more than$5 billion to pay for illegal immigrant healthcare. That is $5.01e10. That is $5,010,000,000 or $167 for each and every one of us to pay the health care costs of an illegal alien. That is $167 for you, your spouse and everyone of your little rugrats. For a family of four $668 will be taken from your take home pay to pay for lawbreaker illegals health care. These people are criminals. The Democratic Party wants to take $668 per year of your hard-earned income and reward these people for breaking the law. Instead of using that $668 to buy them a bus or plane ticket home, we are going to pay their medical costs. Soon those 12 million will be 20 million and then what will it cost you?

$668 will buy a lot of milk. You could take your family to the movies every month! You could buy a new bike for both of your kids. $668 will buy a weekend getaway. $668 will get you a nice Washburn acoustic guitar. $668 will get a top of the line Coach handbag or a pair of Tortoise Campari Mary Janes by Manolo Blahnik. That same $668 will buy your kids a new XBox 360 and several games. You could throw a hell of a party for your friends for that amount of cash. $668 buys a lot of top of the line cigars.

In other words, I bet you could find a better use for $668 than paying for an illegal immigrant's health needs. Write your Congressman and Senator. Tell them not just no, but hell no.

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