December 22, 2009

Just Because

This will mark the first year my daughter will not be home for Christmas. We will celebrate with her and her fiancee on the 26th. I keep telling myself it is just a day on the calender, but Christmas morning will still be strange. The wife and two boys and I will open our presents. I will fix a nice breakfast. Later I will bake a turkey and all of the trimmings. But something will still be missing. There are phone connections between Farmville and Chicago. We will have to make the best of the situation. Next year his parents will get the alternate day. I guess that is part of ever-growing families. Soon the boys will find loves of their own and go their separate ways too.

I am baking some pecan tassies later this morning. My daughter is coming this afternoon to bake Christmas cookies and candy with my wife. It is a long-time girl tradition around here.


Anonymous said...

Yes, that is the way of the world but grandkids will help fix the problem.

James Old Guy

Cappy said...

Merry Christmas, HB.

Joe said...

and best wishes for a Merry Christmas and happy holiday season to you as well, Cappy

Jean said...

Life changes, memories linger.
You are blessed and are, yourself, a blessing.

Merry Christmas, HB.

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it.

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