December 21, 2009

Thanks George Bush

That whore Ben Nelson was not the deciding vote to move forward opn the worst piece of legislation to ever grace the halls of the Senate. You can blame the politician who only cares about keeping the perks and privledges of his office -- Arlen Sphincter. If GW had not campaigned for him last time he would not be in office, and not able to switch parties to be the key 60th vote. I hope the people of Pennsylvania are proud.

Me, I am calling out Senator Evan Bayh, He was a fairly conservative Governor. He lost all sense of the people of Indiana when he went to Washington, massing a very liberal voting record. Other so-called moderates got something for their votes. You, Sen. Bayh, are just the local slut -- giving it away for nothing. I suspect you will find your upcoming election bid a little tougher than you thought, especially if you continue your support for Cap and Trade and Card Check.

And that piece of shit Harry Reid claiming someone just died because he lacked insurance while Reid was pontificating. Yep, this is so urgent it will go into effect in five years. I hope we can elect some people with balls and courage come November of 2010 that will dismantle this big government boondoggle before it goes into effect.

That is my Christmas wish.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Bayh never had a sense of the people of Indiana. He had advisors telling him what he had to say to get himself elected and re-elected. He was assisted by the fact that the Indiana Republican Party was and still is cowed into thinking they couldn't and can't beat a Bayh.

Bayh is now supremely vulnerable. Hopefully the state Republicans will now understand that.

Grumpyunk said...

I've been trying to call Bayh's offices - All of them for the last 3 weeks or so.
Not a single one gets you a human answering. Not the DC office or any of the Indiana offices.
Dirty Bastard.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Maybe 5 years of expanding bureaucracy, entrenched socmed lobbies, increasing taxes and blatant fascism will wake the general population (that's what they call prisoners) of this slave-state to the common danger, and what will be necessary to end it.
Many a tyrant has found his way into office by the ballot box. Most could only be persuaded to abandon it with the bullet box.
And your post title is extremely apropos: Bush compromised with "Viagra for grand-dad", and what's left in power of his party is now expected to compromise further because of it.

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