December 5, 2009

We know who you are

I do not think even The Obama's most ardent supporters will deny that the President's political philosophy is liberal. His policies are true children of the 1960's. No matter how much personal contact they may have had, Obama has clearly read and admired William Ayres and his radical ideas. He is following the teachings of Saul Alinsky and the political strategies of Cloward and Piven (at least some of his "Czars" are).

For those who were alive, or studied the history of the times, no single person embodied all that was wrong with America (according to the 1960's radicals) than Richard Nixon. Tricky Dick was vilified and hated long before Watergate. Even as the name of George W. Bush creates an almost visceral hatred among those of the liberal stripe, Nixon evoked even stronger emotions.

Now, we have the darling of the Left, the last hope for a compassionate America, He who will return America to respect, He who will reduces the seas, and lower the temperature across the fruited plains (his claim, not mine), He who will give health care to us all, adopting Richard Nixon's very strategy for prosecuting the war in Vietnam, as his own in Afghanistan. Yes, my friends, Obama has become Nixon.

Nixon instituted a policy in Vietnam that can be be described as a "do not lose the war" policy. We certainly did not try to win. And if you listened to The Obama's speech earlier this week you did not hear the words win or victory. In fact, you heard about winning the hearts and minds and getting out of the place. After the speech a single image continued to creep forward in my brain; that of the Marine helicopters circling the American Embassy in Saigon in April of 1975. Do you remember what happened in May and June of 1975 in Saigon and the former South Vietnam? Those who supported the Americans were rounded up and shot by the patient North Vietnamese.

What support can we expect in Afghanistan going forward when we have a;ready announced to our enemies our intentions? Like visitors who stay too long, we are reaching for our coats and telling those last jokes. Our hosts know they can hold our for a little longer. Already the Taliban are starting a whispering campaign among the villages and warlords -- we know who is with us, and who is supporting the Americans.

Obama says we will be gone in 18 months. The Taliban can wait. They have been fighting this war for centuries. A year and a half is nothing to people who are looking forward from the Seventh Century.

Obama, our man in charge. He has the leadership skills of Jimmah Carter. He has adopted the economic strategies of Herbert Hoover. He is trying give us the guns and butter policies of LBJ. Obama is adopting the battlefield tactics of Nixon. I will not be surprised if we see a return to price and wage controls when inflation creeps into the economy.

It has been said we do not know who Obama is. We do. He is the embodiment of every negative aspect of the worst Presidents we have elected. Silent Cal, where are you?

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