December 4, 2009

Do do do doo

I had a root beer and a baked potato for breakfast. I slathered the spud in sour cream and butter. Do you think I really care if you approve?

Perhaps I spent too much time alone this week, windshield and hotel time leave the brain open for thought. How about this scenario for a Sci-Fi tale or movie? Feel free to flesh it out, just toss a little credit my way.

A secret cabal of powerful politicians is intent on creating a one-world Government. They know that for a certain segment of the global population this will be a difficult task -- namely the pesky Americans. They succeed in getting their man elected, in spite of his apparent lack of qualifications. They create a run on the American financial system, leading to a takeover of the banks and various essential industries. The wheels are put into motion to destroy the capitalistic base of the American economic system. The Government is poised to enact stringent laws that will affect energy, medicine and additional crisis are planned to allow Government control over every aspect of our lives.

Fake scientific reports are created to convince the people that business, industry, petroleum and the Western way of life are endangering the planet, that we will die if radical changes are not enacted.

In spite of the cabal's best efforts,the American people rebel. They stand up and say no. Decades of work by the secret power brokers is in danger. They dream up a fake health scare. For years they have prepared the public for the aspect of mutating viruses, killer germs, and epidemics of massive, deadly proportions. A new disease is created, the media is fed reports of large-scale deaths, even though the numbers do not back up the fear mongering. We are told that if we do not get this "killer" disease under control, untold numbers of kids and elderly will die -- a modern bubonic plague.

Just in the nick of time, the Government comes up with a vaccine! We are saved. Every school child is encouraged to get vaccinated, the teachers and health workers and police and military are given first crack at this new wonder drug that will save us all. The young adults are next. Those from 20 to 50 are vaccinated. By coincidence, these are the ones who could have made up the armies to fight tyranny and oppression.

Unknown to us all, included in the vaccine is a secret mind-altering drug. When the leaders of the various nations speak to us in frequent public speeches, code words are used that activate the secret drugs within the vaccine. The drugs brainwash those who have taken the vaccine to accept and believe the words of the leaders....

I cannot concentrate to finish the story. Black helicopters are hovering around the house and black Escalades and Tahoe SUVs are erupting with armed men. The Government is after someone in the neighborhood....

On an unrelated note, have you gotten your H1N1 vaccination yet?

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