April 20, 2012

...And this is American Bulls*&t

The wife is a long-time regular devotee of American Idol. I sometimes watch it with one eye while I am reading or playing around on the 'puter. I do not know the contestant's names, I never watch it that closely.  They are always "that one blond girl" or the "rocker guy" or "that little twit" to me. Somehow the wife knows which singer I mean when I offer my rare comment.

Last week one of the better singers was voted off. She was the Celine Dion wannabe. The judges saved her, and they probably made a good decision.  She is talented. But then they went a step further and actually started pimping for votes for her. Last night the wife watched Tuesday's episode (thanks to DVR the endless commercials zip right past). The judges continued their advocacy. It is clear they have two favorites and were exorting the audience to vote for their favorites.

What the hell?  Is this a competition or not? Are they judges or supposed to choose the winner? I thought phone-in voters made the choice. Their lack of impartiality would qualify them to be Obama SCOTUS candidates. I understand Idol is losing viewers and if this is the norm I know why. If there was a number to vote against someone I would have called to vote against the judges hand-picked candidates.

On the 100 point scale of Important To Your Life this issue ranks a weak 1.7, but it is Friday and I am not in the mood for politics. If I was one of the remaining 6/7(?) candidates, I would be asking for a meeting with the producers and asking WTH, is this a competition or not?


vicomtesse said...

Just like the liberals they think the American public is too stupid to know who best to select. To my knowledge, the public only erred once when they kept voting in Taylors Hicks a few years back.

By the way, who got offed last night? I didn't watch it.

Joe said...

The guy with the funny hair -- Colt or Colton

Ed Bonderenka said...

There's a reasonably funny show on NPR on Saturdays called waddayaknow.
The host has a quiz portion wherein as you and your partner start to discuss the answer, he starts to opine on the merits of that answer with obvious hints to the correct answer.
Amazing how many people still choose the wrong answer.

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