May 21, 2012

The only thing missing was a tired reference to Fox News

Yesterday morning I caught a few minutes of one of the Sunday news talk shows. The host was grilling the guests, one republican, one a Democrat.The Democrat droned on about "going back to the disastrous policies of George Bush that got us into this mess".It has been four years, perhaps Obama should run on his own accomplishments instead of the past.

For the sake of argument let us look at the Democrat's position as stated on the show. When Bush left office, unemployment was just a shade over 5%. Gas was around $1.30 at the pump. Inflation was non-existent. We were involved in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Leftists were outraged about the war in Iraq, claiming their were no American interests involved. terrorist prisoners were held at Gitmo waiting trial. The value of the dollar was falling. National debt was around $10 trillion. . Today, unemployment is steady above 8%. gas is almost $4.00/gallon. Food and durable good prices are on the rise. The first whiffs of stagflation are on the horizon. We are still in Afghanistan, Iraq has ended but we also engaged in a war in Libya. Prisoners are still in Gitmo.

What we have seen is massive Government spending. The Obama administration has run up higher deficits than all the previous Presidents combined. The workforce participation -- the number of jobs available -- is the lowest since 1981. The true unemployment rate is much higher.  EPA and other bureaucracies have driven energy rices sky high, just like the President promised.  fewer drilling permits have been issued, driving up the cost of oil.  We have given corporate welfare totalling hundreds of million dollars to failed green energy companies. The unpopular ObamaCare is driving up the costs of healthcare while increasing deficits. For the first time in history Americans will be compelled by the Federal Government to buy a product.

George Bush was not a good president. I would take him in a minute over the current occupant of the White House.

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