May 19, 2012

Wood retires

I don't know if I saw his first game or not. I know I saw the fifth game he pitched in the Majors; a 20 strike out masterpiece. That effort remains the most dominating pitching performance I have ever watched. I sat riveted to my television, Harry Caray and Steve Stone calling the pitches in awe.

I sat riveted again yesterday afternoon as Wood took the mound for the final time. He delivered a three pitch strikeout, a fitting bookend to a career marred by injury and over use.

I watched him take a tip of the cap to a roaring crowd. He walked to the dugout,, head held high. He was met by his young son at the top of the dugout steps. After a final curtain call Kerry Wood disappeared into the dugout and fond memory. I felt like crying.

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Cappy said...

That was Steve Stone, courtesy of Lyndhurst Charles F. Brush High School, home of the Fighting Arc Lamps, and Kent State University.

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