June 11, 2012

You get what you pay for

I am aware. After all, this is my blog. I know lately I have naught to offer you but banal glimpses into my perfectly normal but remarkably uninteresting life. You stop by and electronically look in through the windows and see a middle aged asshole sitting in a recliner watching John Wayne on the TV.

What you want is a glimpse of me and the missus wrestling naked on a Crisco covered tarp. Well, admittedly a much younger, fitter, better looking version of us where the chick has extra large hooters and the guy can last hours in a sexual lovemaking marathon. Don't pretend otherwise, we have been friends far too long for that kind of lie.

 You want to see cats chasing laser pens or puppies looking cute.  You will settle for a half-crazed fat guy perched upon a soapbox waving his arms in Hitleresque fashion while shouting a diatribe against the political powers. You want to see angry spittle fly from my lips and righteous vexation coloring my face purple.  You long to witness my veins pulsing with high pressure and patriotic indignation.

It is coming.  View the current crop of uninteresting blog words merely the lull before the storm, the peaceful flow of the river before the rapids. Elections are coming. As long as we have voters who posses infantile notions of equal outcomes, of economic ignorance, who have an astounding lack of historical perspective and understanding, I will have a rant to deliver. I believe education is a life-long process and it is our duty to teach what we know. Even if the words hurt the liberals wittle feewings.

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