June 10, 2012

Using rabbit milk for the lactose intolerant

I am a bit slow getting to the old blogeroo this fine and sunny morning. We had a great day at our friend's house -- swimming, cigars, beer, euchre, more swimming, more beer, another cigar...You get the idea.

For supper we went to a local BBQ dive. I had the ultimate sandwich. This baby was a big hoagie roll, topped with pulled pork, bacon, ham, a fried pork burger and topped with cheddar  cheese sauce. I finished this heart attack on a bun with a side of fried pickles and just for the irony, a Diet Coke. Porkapalooza indeed.

I have naught on tap for today unless I decide to mow the yard. If you are so inclined you could thank G-D for his blessings today. I will.

Have a great Sunday.


Ed Bonderenka said...

It's Sunday. You don't have to do anything.
It's the law.

Rita said...

Well I certainly need the name of this bbq pork place. Sounds like my kind of a heart attack.

Mockingbird said...

I'm very glad you had that delicious sandwich yesterday.
I'm currently holdinging 5700 shares of Smithfield Foods, at a loss.
Thanks, try the ribs next time, please!

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