May 11, 2015

Do you eat smooth or crunchy peanut butter with jellyfish?

I hope you had a good weekend, I sure did. My daughter and SIL had to attend a wedding in NOLA so we had the granddaughter all weekend. She was wonderful. The weather was bits of rain and sun. We took the baby to see my Mom an Dad on Saturday.  Other than that I have nothing of note to report.

Perhaps something worthy of your time will occur to me later.  I would check back every fifteen minutes or so just to be safe.


Anonymous said...

I see the NFL had gone 100% dumb as a box of rocks but I expected it. That report wouldn't stand up in any court in the land but the NFL is so band of pussies they can't handle it.


Joe said...

I have mixed issues here. Cheating is cheating no matter how minor the infraction. Pete Rose is banned for life because he bet his team would win.

1 the deflated balls had nothing to do with the outcome of the game

2 no flunky would ever mess with the game balls in a Championship game unless someone told them to

3 in this case the cover up was worse than the crime a la Watergate

4 I think the punishment on the team was rash, but their past cheating had to be a factor

5 if the owner of the Colts is suspended 6 games for drunk driving for the "integrity of the game" then 4 games for actual cheating in a game seems reasonable.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Of course, Bill Belacheat should have been banned for life years ago.

The corruption is at the top, and it leaks down from there. Whether or not he had anything overt to do with Deflategate, the culture on that team is rotten.

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