October 4, 2015

I'll take "hypocritical Democrats" for $1,000, Alex

A few months ago a crazed murderer killed a bunch of Christians in Charleston. This nut job happened to be white. The President, the media, and left-leaning bloggers insisted we had to look at the shooters roots and background to determine the why of his actions. Southern culture was held responsible and State Flags were removed, 30+ year old TV show reruns were cancelled, dead generals were exhumed, and some people proposed destroying Stone Mountain sand the Jefferson Memorial.

This week a crazed murderer killed a bunch of Christians in Oregon. This nut job happens to be black. Will we look at his culture and background to find the why of his actions? Will we call for censorship of rap songs and their message of violence? Will we ban baggy pants? Will reruns of the 30+ year old TV show "Good Times" be axed from the airwaves? One of the main characters is always calling for explosives.

What is the difference?


Ed Bonderenka said...

The difference is what Obama favors.
Oh, I'm sorry.
It was a rhetorical question.

hey teacher... said...


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