January 3, 2016

Politically speaking

Numerous reports indicate King Obama is going to pass decrees in the form of Executive Orders to implement gun restrictions that cannot pass Congress. I guess he missed that part of civics class that explains how a representative democracy should function. In any democracy the minority view gets its say and the majority gets its way. More specifically, Congress makes law while the Executive branch carries them out. But since Boehner and the Republicans let Obama get away with his personal lawmaking previously, there is no reason for Obama to think he cannot do just as he pleases when it comes to implementing his own gun control laws.

I say go ahead. I'm not even going to argue the efficacy of the measures nor even the legality. Viewed through a purely political lens, Obama's proposed EOs show the depths of his narcissism. He has put every Democrat in the position of agreeing with his policies or repudiating the head of the party. Gun control is not popular and outside of the bluest parts of the big cities a sure way to sour the enthusiasm of millions of blue collar Democrats. Think I'm wrong? Ask Al Gore. I can think of no reason Obama is doing this in the heat of an election year unless he does not give a hoot about his party, just his so-called legacy.

Historians look back at FDRs attempt to stack the bench of the Supreme Court with extra justices as a lawless gesture. I can only hope the Roberts Court can grow some balls and look at the President's attempts to gain power in the same light.


Ed Bonderenka said...


Anonymous said...

Makes me wonder just how much he hates the Clinton's.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

He can sign all the executive ordure [sic] he wants.

Come and take them.

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