January 10, 2016

That was interesting

That was a wild wild card game in the NFL last night. The final minute and a half saw two turnovers and a complete breakdown in discipline by the hapless Cincinnati Bungles. After once again proving the "prevent" defense only prevents the defense from stopping anyone, two separate Bengals players lost control, received personal fouls and moved the hated Steelers into position to kick a field goal most high school kickers could make. You never want to point fingers, but if I was ownership of the Bengals, I would be in meetings this morning trying to decide if two players should be out on the street. Fumbles happen, but there is no reason to lose your head and cost your team precious yards. Not that I care, I don't root for either team.

A couple of inches of snow are on the ground. The wind is blowing hard. The windchill is 11. Was it me complaining about the recent spate of warm weather? No, I mentioned it, but I did not complain. I'm not sure if there is enough snow to pull out my new to me snow blower (my excellent son-in-law gave me his old model when he got a new one for Christmas). We shall see what happens as the morning progresses. Heck, I have nowhere to go today. The wind is creaking the siding and making a steady and subdued roar around the eaves. I can hear my neighbor scraping away with a shovel in the dark. He must have somewhere to go. Do you think he would stop and fetch me some donuts while he is out? No, me neither.

I didn't win the big Powerball drawing. You did not either. I didn't because I am likely the only person in America who did not buy a ticket. I might drop two bucks for Wednesday though. I could use part of a billion plus dollar prize. Yes, I would quit my job. I probably would buy myself a new truck. I would also change my name and go into hiding because charities, family i never knew, hucksters, and thieves would be at my front door like wolves on a crippled sheep before the last syllable of my name was announced by the lottery commission.

Have a great Sunday readers.

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Anonymous said...

I watched the fairly nasty game. If I was the Bengals owner a few coaches and a few players would be looking for jobs. I can see a few of the players ending up in jail or dead a few years after leaving the NFL.


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