January 11, 2016

Now that is entertainment

OK, it is not entertaining, but it is finally the January we have come to expect. It is cold this morning. Wind chills are sub-zero. More snow (but not much) is expected tomorrow. It is a cold dark morning to have to go out to the barn and milk the cows. Good thing I have no cows to milk or barn to go to. If I did have a barn I would turn it into a most awesome man cave though. There would be a pool table in the loft. There would be soft leather chairs and a bar down on the floor. Old barber chairs would provide a relaxing place to smoke a fine cigar. A quality music system would provide the tunes. It would be a real-life He Man Woman Haters Club showpiece. You would want to come over and hang out. I know you would.


Unknown said...

I could bring the horse-shit!

Joe said...

Thats good, I have a lot of bullshit to spread

hey teacher... said...

Put the pool table on ground floor. 1. Who the #%&* is gonna haul it up to the loft? 2. Who the hell wants to tumble down the stairs after a few games and a few brews? 3. Aren't you going to want to play when you're 80 and going up stairs is a pain? {Please note that all three points are moot if you put a service elevator towards the back end of the barn.}

Please let me know when it is ready and I'll bring some artwork for you. 40's style pinup gals or muscle cars or would you prefer a combo?

Can you tell it's a snow day and I'm bored.

Joe said...

See, I did not think it through. The pool table goes on the floor.

I'm not in to cars, 40's pinups would look great. O
D movie posters would be cool too.

We have to have a life sized wooden cigar store Indian in the corner.

Anonymous said...

that would be "old" movie posters


Anonymous said...

A bank of TV's? ESPN on mute!!

hey teacher... said...

I'll get to work on the art as soon as the 1st installment of the lottery money arrives.

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