June 4, 2016

Float like a butterfly

It is raining. It is a steady rain, the kind we need after a pretty dry spring. My yard already looks better for it. I'm sure the farmers are delighted as the corn pokes through the rich black dirt. I doubt my neighbor is so thrilled. His daughter graduates from high school today. They have spent the past several weeks preparing. I know they have fixed up their backyard in anticipation of an open house. And it is going to rain all day long. My daughter and SIL are going to a wedding. A rainy wedding day sucks too.

Mohammed Ali has passed. The brash young man turned into a sage old one. He was a great fighter. The best of his generation. Perhaps the best of all time. Of course the "who is the best" conversation is always a matter of perspective, time, and loyalty, no matter if you are arguing boxing, quarterbacks, pitchers, or bass players.

Have a great Saturday.

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