June 3, 2016

Friday Frappe

I spent a couple of days this week working my way through western Michigan. There was nothing extraordinary to report, just routine work, driving, hotels. After my last visit yesterday in Three Rivers, I cut straight down US 131 which turned into Indiana 13. I took 13 through Amish country. I saw several dudes on bikes, hat clamped firmly on their head as their beards waved in the breeze of passing cars. Several of he horse-drawn vehicles were work wagons, not the enclosed black buggies we usually associate with the Amish sect. One large wagon going the opposite direction was pulled by big draft horses pulling four abreast: that one really had traffic backed up on the highway.

I passed through Syracuse and the lake country and down through Wabash and in Marion I switched to highway 37, which took me to within a quarter mile or so from my garage. The whole trip was as boring as this account. The only bright spot was while surfing he static-filled airwaves I found the Cubs game on the radio. I have to admit I found the sounds of he ballpark far more entertaining than another afternoon of talk radio or British History podcasts.

It looks to be a beautiful day today, but rainy this weekend.  I suspect that will not keep the wife from dreaming up a project or two for me to tackle.

My coffee cup is empty and work becons. have a great weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Corn growing all the way.

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