January 22, 2017

Unfashionable to the end, drank his ale too light

Yesterday was a perfect spring day. Temperatures hit the low 60s and the sun was out. March has arrived in January. Today is slated for more of the same but with more clouds. This Chinook won't last. Snow is in the forecast for the end of the week. It does give me something to write about.

Yesterday was a two stogie day. I had one while I was out getting in a walk. Yes, there is something out of kilter when you are exercising and smoking at the same time. I enjoyed another sitting on he patio in the afternoon sun. What? In the morning it was a Cain Daytona (my last one, sigh) and in the afternoon I had a Hoya de Monterey Excaliber.

I ignored the unhinged demonstrations yesterday. It seems a little futile, and a lot juvenile, to protest stuff that hasn't even happened. Oh, threatening to blow up the White House or kill the President is a crime, even if your name is Madonna Ciccone. I see the Code Pinkers have come out of hibernation. I guess they are OK with stuff as long as the man in charge sports a "D" for his political party. By the same token the NOW gang was fine with Bill Clinton groping women and getting blowjobs from interns but are up in arms when the current president said that when you are rich and famous women will LET you kiss them and grab them by the crotch. See, one has been accused of rape and sexual harassment while the other is just a jerk. It is all about one's political affiliation, I guess.

Isn't it ironic that thousands of women are marching and shouting expletive-filled tirades to show they are strong, independent women while demanding that others pay for their stuff?*

My coffee cup needs refilled. Enjoy your Sunday.

* for the record I firmly believe women can do any job they want. They should be paid the same for equal skills and experience. I don't think standards should be different though. If you have to lift 200 lbs to be a fireman then you have to lift 200 lbs.  One of the smartest people I ever worked for was a woman and she was also one of he best bosses ever. She was also younger than me. So what? It is about the ability to do the job.

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Ed Bonderenka said...

Please see DaBlade's take on her "blowing up the White House".

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