January 21, 2017

A crappy post

I got back from St Louis Thursday evening. The drive home was uneventful, other than a lot of rain. About bedtime my gut started rumbling and I spent the rest of the night crapping out everything I had eaten since Christmas. In liquid form. Too bad I wasn't scheduled for my colonoscopy Friday; the prep work was done. I was still at it Friday morning. TMI?

Yesterday evening this strain of stomach flu (?) hit the wife. Hard. She got it from both ends. She too had a long night. I know, fun times abound.

It is supposed to be in the low 60s today. With no rain! How about that for December weather in the Midwest? I can live with this global warming. In fact, I suspect I will have a date with a beautiful cigar lovingly rolled between the thighs of a lovely young lady on a Caribbean island or in the lush jungle factory of a Central American nation. Yeah, I know the stogie is probably rolled by a wizened crone or smelly dude in a soiled wife beater. Let me have my fantasies, OK?

The political hyperventilation from the losers continues unabated. I am sure many were surprised that Trump failed to write that Executive Order creating a cadre of Brown Shirts as soon as he finished the oath of office. Nor did he start rounding up Americans into concentration camps like the greatest Democrat ever and leftist hero FDR did. Maybe those of you so traumatized by the Trumpster should sit back and enjoy some hippy music and chill for a bit until we see what the new President has in mind.

Here, I will help you with a little Saturday music:

Enjoy your Saturday.


Ed Bonderenka said...

So far so good.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if EOB has imploded yet?


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