September 21, 2017

Reason 6,219 you wish you were me

My mouth is already watering in anticipation. The wife is having a girl's night out with one of her...buddies?....I don't know the right term here, and I already know what I'm having for supper: brats and kraut and a sliced 'mater fresh from the vine. I might even crack a Yeungling if the mood suits me. It is supposed to be a gorgeous day, so it is possible I might burn a stogie for dessert. We shall see. But the brats and kraut are definitely on the menu.

In other news, there is no other news. My old employer continues to find reasons not to pay me commissions and vacation pay I have due. I am on the verge of threatening lawyers and courts. I don't make idle threats. Before I say the words, the attorney will already be hired. I'm a greedy SOB, and I don't want to share my hard earned money with someone else. Part of a payment is better than no payment, I guess. I going to give them a few more weeks then I'm done arguing. I will let a professional handle it.

But I have bratwurst. Life is good.

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mts1 said...

The sad part is, they most likely find you to be quite invisible since you're a former employee, no longer part of the club, and feel no compunction to paying you your rightful share. Lawyering up may be your only option. They've proven that they won't pay you out of honor, duty, or any of those positive motivators, so inflict pain. They will figure out the least painful way to end it, whether it be settling, or soldiering on with endless delays and continuances. If they have a legal staff who they're paying anyway, the latter will be their choice. Once you realize management does not work on ethics or the right thing to do and are simply amoral, not immoral or moral, just sans moral sociopaths, you stop being surprised by their monkeyshines. Your complaints fall upon stone statues. You need to act upon the machine in a way that it understands, the application of power and force to impact its maximizing a profit.

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