September 20, 2017

On the high side

I moseyed down to my doctor's office this morning to have some lab work done in anticipation of my checkup Friday. They drew a couple of vials of blood. Easy Peasy. I already know the results, if not the exact numbers. My blood sugar will be high. Too high. Cake before bed will do that to you. My A-1C will also be too high. Ditto my bad cholesterol, even though it will be within normal guidelines. My good cholesterol will be too low, a direct reflection of my level of exercise lately. I take direct responsibility for my failures in diet and exercise.

I'm also going to chow on leftover beef and noodles over mashed spuds for lunch. Bad, bad, bad. It is also my favorite meal in the world. I will do better tomorrow. Honest.


Anonymous said...

It really doesn't matter we all end up the same way, no need being miserable to spend a few years in a wheel chair at a home.

James Old GUy

Practical Parsimony said...

That is what I say1 However, even when I am being good, the numbers are high.

Jean said...

Finally got to see an Endocrinologist. My A1c is down to 5.9! Glucose was a little too low but I took care of that with chicken & FF for dinner. And he started me on metformin while gradually reducing insulin.
Now, if I would only move my lazy butt (and all attachments) on a regular basis, there would be more good going on.

Joe said...

You got off insulin and I got put back on an injectable! Sigh

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