September 26, 2017

Whatever it is, I'm against it

It is Tuesday here in God's favorite state. It is still forecasted to be very warm today, but a cool front will arrive tomorrow bringing more seasonable temperatures. No or very little rain is in the forecast until next week. I am afraid to even fart outside for fear of igniting the neighborhood.

The kneel for the Anthem kerfluffel continues. I think the Cowboys reached the right compromise last night, taking a knee  before the Anthem but rising in respect during the song itself. If there has to be a protest that is better.

I suppose I could better understand what the athletes want if they could articulate it better. Kneeling in a temper tantrum because your candidate lost the election is not acceptable.  If it is something else then it needs to be spelled out for dumb crackers like me. What is the point? What is your solution? Right now you just sound like Johnny Strabler in the Wild One:
"What are you rebelling against? Whadda you got?"
 If you are looking to bring about something as esoteric as "equality" then you need to define it. Just what are you protesters trying to accomplish? What is the goal?


Anonymous said...

Wonder what will happen if the ratings keep dropping, will the sponser's apply some back door pressure.


Melissa said...

just sad that the kid from the Steelers had to apologize - it is not looking good for the NFL.

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