September 24, 2017

Marketing 101

Dear President Trump

What is wrong with you? I thought you got that sports and politics don't go together.  Do you not understand the concept of free speech? Is there not a grown-up in the White House monitoring your Twitter account?

How about we look at things from a marketing aspect, as a businessman you should get that. A vast number of Americans already think you are a racist pig. Targeting black athletes with your Tweets and speeches only exacerbates that image.  What are you thinking?

More to the point, the Anthem protests had died down significantly in the past two NFL weeks. I suspect your rants will motivate a whole new wave of protest. Rescinding the invite to the Warriors is just petty. I think we elected a seven year-old as President.  If little Billy said he wasn't coming to your birthday party did you cancel the cake and bounce house?

It isn't your politics that will see you out of the White House after four years, it is stupid crap like this.


Anonymous said...

So everyone in the US can have free speech except for the President. He said what a lot of people are thinking.

Anonymous said...

Stop playing the anthem at sporting events, easy solution.

James Old Guy

Joe said...

It is out shooting himself in the foot not about right or wrong positions.

He needs to pick his battles and this is one he doesn't need

Ed Bonderenka said...

I agree with everything he said.
Those clowns can protest out of uniform.
When in uniform, their disrespect for our country reflects on their employer.
Thus when unchallenged by the owners, the owners should pay with lower attendance, and are.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Instapundit made a good point:

"Well, Trump’s got his opponents arguing against the National Anthem, so maybe he’s not as dumb as you think. But whenever you wonder why we’re in a situation where Trump’s driving this sort of narrative, remember that we got Trump because the respectable political class did such a sorry job that there was an opening for Trump."

J A said...

I also agree with everything President Trump said. He didn't bring politics into sports they did. He didn't start this madness they did. Disrespect for the national anthem and the flag should not be tolerated under any circumstances. There are other ways to protest. And it should be on their own tine.

Joe said...

I happen to think Trump is right. My point was about the need to enter into the fray

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

He entered the fray because 1) the deranged progs can't help acting like Admiral Ackbar*, 2) he knows it, and 3) he knows it helps him with his base.

Do I like it? No. I wish they'd take his smartphone and Twitter account away. But it does seem to be effective, for values of effective.

* "It's a trap!"

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