August 27, 2018

The sound of silence

The abolish ICE wing of the Democrat Party are strangely silent this weekend.  A sick, 95 year-old man was lifted from his deathbed and torn away from his family and deported. He had lived here in the US for decades. He had been a hard worker, a productive member of society and immigration officials chose to deport him anyway.

Sure, the man was a despicable Nazi  - real one, not one of the imaginary ones the left sees in every Republican office seeker, so most of us say good riddance and so long with nary a tear in our eye.

I guess the silence of the get-rid-of-ICE- types indicates they really do see a need for immigration control, as long as it is selective immigration control? Of course these creeps lamented the arrest and deportation of an illegal who was "taking his wife to the hospital", ignoring the fact that he was wanted for MURDER, while leading Democrats are far more concerned about the "horrible" separation of families at the border* than the brutal killing of an American citizen by an illegal immigrant, so I guess it is safe to say I will never understand their logic.

* a policy that has been in place since the Clinton administration.

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Linda said...

I thought the Mexican government said they had no record of the man being wanted for murder or anything else in Mexico.

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