August 28, 2018

Using the Internet as a free therapy session

Here we are bright and early on a Tuesday morning. I got up to pee at about four and was unable to fall back asleep. That means I will fight dozing this afternoon in my office chair. For now I will sip coffee, surf the interwebz, and listen to classic rock music in the background.

As I sit leaned back in my chair I notice that my second toe is black with dried blood. I stubbed that toe a month or two ago and partially ripped the nail. I have babied it since in an effort to save it. Apparently, I caught it on the sheets during the night and ripped it again.

Aside: there is some benefit to partially numb toes from diabetes

The wife just washed the sheets Sunday. I guess I'll have to throw them in the machine again today. What? That is not what you wanted read about today? You might prefer pictures?

I am ready for the long weekend. I need a vacation desperately. Too bad the spare change jar is empty. I would like to go to someplace tropical. Or subtropical. Or anyplace not here. Sigh. I think it is withdrawal symptoms. I spent 25 years on the road. Now, I travel about one day a month on average with occasional trips to the home office. From a high of 70 plus nights a year spent in hotel rooms with 100 plus flights a year and 40-50,000 miles driven, I have spent 8 or 9 nights in a hotel this year. Most of those nights were spent in a two week period.

Travelling was often a pain and I complained about it often. Just read my archives. It is my nature to complain. But I miss the highways, the "getting there".  I don't necessarily miss the long hours in airports or 12 hour drives, but I miss the road. If you have never travelled as your job, it probably makes no sense.

Business travel is not vacation travel. I spent my time in the industrial side of town in Hampton Inns.  Factories and customers are not usually by the beach.  I ate Arby's and Taco Bell for lunch. Dinner was small restaurants, BBQ joints, or chicken wings. Dining alone was the loneliest part of the road warrior life. I like being home with my wife every night, but I do miss the road.

I really miss the hotel and airline points that allowed us to take some fantastic vacations.

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