August 31, 2018

The United States Did it, Get over it

Hollywood has done it again.  They have taken the most American of American moments and watered it down so they do not offend anyone who does not love America like you and know like leftist Democrat Hollywood types.  The new movie about Neil Armstrong erases the fact that the famed astronaut planted a US flag on the moon.  Erased, as if it it never happened, The star of the flick thinks Armstrong would have planted a UN Flag, had it been an option.


Look, like it or not, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is the only nation to go to the moon. Not once, not twice, we put men on the moon six separate times. They planted the good old Stars and Stripes in the heavy dust and rock. Those are the plain, unvarnished facts. If you cannot handle that truth then you can go suck a rotten egg.

The Ruskies did not do it. The Chinese have not done it. Nor have the French, British, Japanese, Koreans, Nigerians, Cubans, Canadians, Venezuelans, or Mexicans. No nationality you can name has managed to walk on the moon. The UN cannot even manage to keep the peace in the middle east (or anywhere actually); they sure never manned a mission to the moon.

I always welcome opposing views in the comments. Not today. If you think this omission is OK, then I will ridicule you, I will taunt you, I will show you for the ignorant Digger Leveler historically bereft moron you really are.  I have more respect for the ignoramuses who think the moon landings were fake than anyone who hates the very idea that  the US of A deserves credit for putting a human being on the moon. If you do not see a problem with erasing the US flag from the movie, I will go so far as to tell you you can go fuck yourself.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. You are right. There is much opposition, however, and a lot of backlash regarding the failure of the director to include the planting of our American flag on the moon. I'm certain the backlash will lead to something good. It will just make even MORE people aware of what we Americans can achieve. Thank goodness we have Trump, regardless of what everyone thinks about him, he is nonetheless trotting the globe chanting 'Make American Great Again' and it's working.
Ryan Gosling is a Canadian and doesn't give a rats ass about our country. He has no defense. Why director, Damien Chazelle omitted the flag, could have been for publicity reasons. In any event, Neil Armstrong, an American, was THE FIRST MAN on the moon. Nobody can take that away from us. It was not a 'global thing'. It was an American thing!
Thank yiu again for your post.

Laura said...

The flag was not erased from the movie!!

"It is technically true that the film does not have a scene specifically showing the flag being planted, according to a Vanity Fair correspondent who saw the movie at the Venice Film Festival.

“First Man,” however, shows the flag on the moon in multiple background shots . . .

Marlow Stern, the chief entertainment writer for the Daily Beast, added in a reply to a tweet from an incensed Marco Rubio: “I’ve seen FIRST MAN and you see the American flag on the moon in several shots. Maybe wait to actually see something before feigning outrage.”

Neil Armstrong’s sons and his biographer also weighed in later Friday, saying in a statement that there “are are numerous shots of the American flag on the moon,” according to The Hollywood Reporter."

Joe said...

I hope you are right Laura!

Linda said...

I hope she is right, too. Omitting the flag on the moon would be a horrible omission.

dragonlady474 said...

DANG, you're all kinds of fired up today HB! I was going to taunt you back, just for fun, but I thought better of it. lol
Americans who want to water down what the U.S. has done, or feel ashamed of it, need to pack up and find some place where they can feel "happy and fuzzy".

Anonymous said...

To dragonlady et. al.
If they can put a man on the moon, why can't they put them all there?

That's the $64,000 question!

JA said...

They should have shown the flag being planted there. Period. Showing it in the ‘background ‘ as an afterthought is disrespectful. America fought for the right to plant that flag and it should have been shown.

hey teacher... said...

One giant leap for mankind! Armstrong said it. The mission was to go to the moon. Planting the flag was only part of the mission. The flag is in the movie. (And I’m glad it was). Time to move on. Oh, by the way, can we get someone working on a clean coal rocket for the Space Force boys.C’mon!

dragonlady474 said...

Anonymous, just because they can, doesen't mean they want to. Who the hell wants to live in that environment, unless it was absolutely necessary? And what does that have to do with the accomplishment? Why can't they just show it how it happened? It would be like making a movie about WWII and focusing on dance halls, with a few soldiers fighting in the background. There's nothing wrong with dance hall movies, in WWII, but it's a problem if it's a WWII movie, and that's all it shows.

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