August 31, 2018

With a woo hoo and a woot

I motored down to the nearby emporium and grabbed a box of freshly-baked donuts this morning. I'm celebrating Friday in a right and proper manner. I won't bore you further with the mundane and banal description of the various types and flavors I purchased. The point is DONUTS. You eat your heart out. I will eat the donuts.

In political news Trump did something so egregious he must be pilloried. The rest of us are racists and the only reason we are not burning crosses on our lawns is a lack of kerosene. Rich white people who read stuff other people write said so on the TV.

Seriously, did you read the unhinged screed from former Secretary of Labor under Clinton, Robert Reich? He claims the Presidency of Donald Trump is so horrible, so evil, so seeped in illegitimacy that mere impeachment is not enough. Reich says the entire election must be annulled as if it never happened. All bills signed into law, all appointments, all judicial appointees, all Executive Orders must be erased from fact as if they never happened. No tax cuts, no tariffs, no booming economy, no low unemployment either, I presume. Reich says we just rewind back to January of 2017 and start over. He does not say it, but presumably with Hillary in charge. I guess we just click our heels three times and it all becomes a dream, except Uncle Henry was there, and you, and you...

Hey, remember when the Democrats were indignant, nay outraged, when the Trumpster said he wasn't sure if he could accept the outcome of an election he lost? 

It is a Friday, we are just a work day away from a long weekend. That is worth cheering.


dragonlady474 said...

Ughhhh...our only donut shop closed down here. Evil
When, oh when, will the anti-Trump people get a life and move on? What are they going to do with their time when he finishes out his two terms?

Jaime said...

You guys are still at it! Holy cow! That's awesome!

Jaime (IdiotSilas)

Joe said...

Hola Jaime. It has been a long time.

I believe you were my very first commenter some 73 years ago when this piece o'crap blog started!

Jaime said...

It's been a while ago...

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