March 23, 2005

John Edwards is a big gasbag

I saw that assbag John Edwards on the Today Show this am. Usually when he or some other liberal opens their piehole all I hear is the whawha whawhwhaawha like the adults speak on a Charlie Brown Special.

Today, somehow I heard him actually say "... The reason we have courts is to decide public policy...". This guy is a Lawyer. Has he not read the Constitution? I am pretty sure I learned in my 9th grade civics class that the purpose of the courts was to interpret the law, NOT make public policy. Ever since the courts under that g-damn communist FDR decided that every aspect of America life could be interpreted into the Commerce Clause, we have been faced with courts making public policy. These activist judges are the bane of the American system of Government. These UNELECTED, serve for life jerks have made some of the most asinine decisions lately. Do we only consider the first nine amendments? Our founding Fathers thought that the 10th Amendment was just as important as the first. If we are not careful we will soon be ruled by an oligarchy that determines what is lawful and what is not.
In the Roman times, the Senate made the law. The Consul was the administrative head. Over time the Consul began to make emergency rulings in times of "emergency". Over time the Senate became a joke, and the Consul named himself Emperor.
Now we have the Courts making law and public policy and the moonbats think that is alright. Please we have to stop these nitwits.

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Bambi said...

isnt Jhon Edwards that asshole who does "Crossing over with John Edwards" ? plz reply 2 me at coz i honestly dont know.

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