April 20, 2005

#2 on the Google search

I am the #2 Google search when you enter the words racked skateboard. Yes, watching guys get their balls racked while trying to grind a ledge or handrails is and will always remain funny.

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Alli said...

LMAO. Watching guys rack themselves is one of the small pleasures a girl with many male friends is blessed with. All the way through school, i had the most athletic guys as my friends (gym rats stick together)and they'd manage to do the stupidest things. The best was one of them doing situps (the ones from Rocky where you hang upside down)and trying to climb down and racking himself on the pull up bar. He came down safely and sank to the ground with tears in his eyes while the rest of us laughed our asses off. I'm such a good friend... :P

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