April 27, 2005

Bad Bosses, Smoking, and Other Thoughts.

I just finished a brilliant post about some bad bosses I have had, along with some amusing anecdotes to illustrate my points. When I went to save I locked up my computer. I am lazy and I have no desire to recreate my brilliant observations. Copies are NEVER as good as the original. Perhaps another day I will change my mind.

As you can see from my picture below, I occasionally enjoy a fine cigar. My mom and dad both smoked when I was growing up. So did my grandparents, my neighbors parents, my baseball coach, my scout leaders, and probably my teachers, albeit in the lounge. In short everyone smoked. I decided at about 8 I would try a cigarette myself. Of course I was not about smoke my mom's "girl" cigarettes, so I lit up one of my dad's Pall Mall reds. I cannot really say I enjoyed it. A few days later I decided it must be me, so I tried again -- still unpleasant. Sometime later that summer my brother and I came into possession of some cigars. I do not remember the hows and whys. Hey I liked this! I did not like much the ass-beating I got when dad discovered the burnt matches an cigar wrappers in the shed.

A few summers later, I still smoked an occasional cigar, but really took to chewing tobacco. I did both on and off through high school, where I mostly smoked Swisher Sweets. I moved from plug tobacco to Beech Nut Chew in College. I switched to Dutch Masters and corona Wiffs for Cigars. I tried cigarettes a few more times , usually when under the influence of beer or weed. I still did not like them.

I gave chew when I married. This remains to this day the only thing my wife has ever asked of me. I still smoke a cigar on occasion. I have moved to more expensive tastes. I like a good CAO or Punch. H Uppman remains my favorite. i like Natural leaf, or a fine Maduro. I do not like heavy bodied cigars or large ring sizes. I have smoked a few Cubans, and some are good, some not. All are over priced and over rated. I had these in Europe. I did not buy them, they were gifts. I have a very nice Ashton Cabinet set aside to enjoy for my daughter's graduation.

The last cigar I smoked was from the Drew Estates factory. It was realitively inexpensive and VERY GOOD. i would like to have one now.

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