April 28, 2005

I Do Not Care What You Do In the Bedroom

Let me get one fact straight before I am labeled a hate monger or bigot etc. I do not care a whit if you are Gay, Homosexual, Bi-sexual, whatever. I don't care if you are into stuffed animals, leather, or little furry kittens. I am not concerned if you like sex up, down or sideways. I have no opinion on toe suckers, butt lickers, or if you like raw hamburger in bed while you have sex. You see, IT IS NONE OF MY BUSINESS.

Not understand this, there is NO "GAY" RIGHT IN THE CONSTITUTION. You are not entitled to any special consideration for you bedroom decisions. Marriage -- not in the Constitution. If you feel you are discriminated in hiring etc. Because of your bedroom activities, then do not discuss them. "But Hoosierboy, It is not right to make me stay in the closet. I have a right to express my true inner being." Bug off. I do not care.

Businesses should have the right to dictate the appearance of their employees. Do you think I would be a successful salesman if I called upon customers in an old Nike shirt and blue jeans? What if I did not shave or shower? These are the true expressions of how I want to dress on occasion. I represent my company, they have a right to make sure I uphold the image they want to project. Transvestites and cross-dressers: does anyone really think a 6'2" cross dressing salesman would be good for business? I am sure that employee would be a valuable asset for my local NAPA Auto Parts store. "Hey Jim, nice pumps, they really match that skirt. Got any of that fuel injector cleaner?" Would anyone respect your local sheriff's deputy when he pulls you over wearing a peach colored teddy?

Just because we do not pass laws giving you special treatment does not make the rest of us haters. What next? How about we protect those who love facial piercing and tattoos? I do not want some human pincushion serving my meals. If a restaurant hires the chick with the chain from her nose to her lip, I will not come back. My decision. Many would agree with me. The restaurant has a right to hire employees that meet the image criteria.

Let's be honest, any legal right marriage can provide you can provide for legally through wills and such. The only exception is the marriage penalty in your Federal Income Taxes. I am not in favor of granting any rights to individuals based on their bedroom preferences. Next thing you know I will have to tell my coworker that Yes, I approve of you marrying your poodle. Yep, that is a great picture of you two kissing. Give me a break.


RightWingRocker said...

Hoosierboy ...

You hit this one out of the park.

Only one question ...

What exactly is the diffrence between a transvestite and a crossdresser?


Anonymous said...

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