April 20, 2005

If this does not make you sick, I don't know what will

Read this post by the always erudite Mr. DuToit. I cannot say it better. Our Federal Tax code has gotten out of hand.

Even more outrages is the Property Tax System. Rates are set by an almost arbitrary rules and interpreted by uninterested bureaucrats

Property taxes remain was of the most widely used and yet unfair taxes in local government. Originally only property owners were allowed to vote, so a property tax was understandable. Now, those individuals who own property are punished for their success. The property tax is certainly the most progressive of our many taxes.

Finally for an understanding of how our government needs a complete review of taxes, consider the Federal Tax on your telephone. This tax was initiated to pay the burden of the Spanish American War. That was in 1898 --'nough said.

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