April 18, 2005

Is it the hands or is it the mind?

I have never been a good typist. I never learned how. Some would say it is because painting mastodons on cave walls did not require a keyboard. I am a long-time devotee of the hunt and peck method. I can go suprisingly fast when I want to.

I have never been a good speller. Thank God for spell check. Lately, I find myself capitalizing in the strangest circumstances. I forget to uppercase the "i", but do capitalize when not necessary. For instance I found myself typing Maple tree repeated in the last post. What is going on?

I started this blog to resharpen my writing skills. Once I was pretty good. Now I find my skills eroded by years of writing business letters. Have patience (see I fixed it, but I actually typed "Patience" -- weird -- ed.)my writing will get better. I hope to find some more interesting history vignettes, some of my original fiction (I know yawn, nod, snore)so more interesting tales from my travels. Later this week I hope to expound on my thoughts on the Great Liberal Arts experiment that was my education.

See, should that have been capitalized.. urggghhhh?

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Alli said...

Oh don't worry. Between Instant messaging and term papers... well, its remarkable I even know how to spell anymore. BLogs need spell check. Or at least mine does. :P

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