April 18, 2005

Some words of explanation

In case you were wondering the name Hoosierboy has nothing to do with Indiana University or its athletic teams. I did not attend that institution of higher learning nor do I root for its pathetic sports teams.

Hoosierboy is a moniker I chose to represent that I am born and bred a Hoosier, like countless of my ancestors. My family first came to North Central Indiana in the first decade of the nineteenth century. If you have studied your history you will know this makes them pioneers indeed. To honor those pioneers I proudly call myself a Hoosier.

That is not to say I have not ventured into the wide world. I have been to almost every state in the Union. I have been to Canada, England, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy and Austria. Some of these places numerous times. I have been to New York and Chicago and LA. I have seen the hills of San Francisco. I have seen the splendor and unique wonder of the Pacific Northwest. I have dipped my toes in every one of the Great Lakes and swam in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf of Mexico. Indiana remains my home.

Why Fat in Indiana? Well, I am a middle aged fat guy. I am trying to do something about it, but until I can rename this humble blog "used to be Fat in Indiana, the title will remain.

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Alli said...

Woohoo!!!Nothing to do with IU. *dances* Oh wait, he said somehting after that... *re reads* My family helped settle the Bailey homestead up in North West Indiana 200 years ago, but I call myself Boilermaker, mainly because Hoosiers have become, icky. :P

Gosh, I want to travel so badly, not leave IN, but travel. *sigh* someday, alli, someday.

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