May 2, 2005

I'm About Sick of This...

For a large portion of my life the Democrats were in charge of the Senate and House. I do not remember a single time when they were interested in compromise. The Donk attitude was always "we were elected by the people based on our agenda and we should legislate accordingly". The Republicans moved into power based on the Contract with America and have abandoned that which put them into power.

Why is the Rebublican party so keen on kissing Democrat ass? The liberal policies of that party no longer represent the beliefs of most Americans. If the Ass party wants to filibuster, then let them get in there and do the Mr. Smith thing -- I want to see Swimmer Kennedy passing out in a alcoholic withdrawal seizure, shaking with the DTs as he reads from the Washington DC phonebook.

I want to see Byrd lose his mind from exhaustion and begin spouting the Klan Ritual as he loses his voice after 10 hours of pontificating on the pureness of Big Government.

I want to Hillary Clinton talk and talk and talk until we can finally get the truth out that lying bitch. Maybe she will spontaneously explode into flames, I have heard that can happen.

Why doesn't the Republican Party grow some balls? Why don't they start acting like they are in charge? The liberal judges we have on the bench now are there because the Democrats were not afraid to tell the Republican minority to bugger off when it came time to confirm judges.

When are going to see some actual fiscal responsibility out of this bunch? I have been a registered Republican since I was 18. I have spent 25 years voting for this party. I am starting to believe they are failing me. I am not sure I could vote for a Democrat, but I am not sure I will vote for the Republicans who are just becoming Democrats lite. Bring back the fucking Whigs I say. I have about had it.

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Alli said...

Sums up about how I feel. I'm too young to feel this jaded.

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