May 20, 2005

Movie Review -- Revenge of the Sith

I saw the last installment of the Star wars saga lst night with my youngest son.

Below you can find my review. First, I should mention that I love the movies. I go purely for entertainment value. I do not want a hidden message, I do not want to have to think. I want to be entertained. Based on that criteria, you will rarely see me agree with a critic on a movie.

That said, I enjoyed this movie. Sure the dialog was flat, the acting wooden, and the plot a little thin. So What? The action was great and almost non-stop. The special effects were great. I give this movie a thumbs up. Can someone enlighten me is padme or whatever her name is the Queen of Naboo or not? Yoda -- see below.

To put this rating in perspective here is my rating on the other episodes in this series:

Episode 1 Thumbs up, pod race is great, Darth Maul awesome, fight scenes good. Little Anikin annoying and completely unbelievable.

Episode 2 Skip. Suddenly Anikinand and Padme (is she the queen or not?) are the same age. Too much boring drama and love stuff. Is Yoda decrepit or a great fighter? The whole Yoda thing is unbelievable, he should have just remained a "teacher" of the ways of the force. Where did this Count Dooku come from?

Episode 4 The first and the best
Episode 5 suffers from some of the same issues in episode 2, I guess a transition is necessary
Episode 6 Is this the ewok episode? Other than that good. Remember we did not know that Vader was the proud papa until this episode.

In all the episodes 4,5,6 are the best.

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