May 13, 2005


This is the way I feel about music. I have not heard of this artist, but I think I want to find out more. I love the blues, I love about any kind of music. I especially like the way she talks about music and how it can make you feel.

I have music running through my head all the time. Classical, classic rock, blues, Sinatra, I can hear every nuance of the composition in my brain. Too bad I cannot sing or play any instrument. I love the music in my head. For example, I replay in my mind the entire extended version of Awaken by Yes when I mow. This has been my "song" of choice for years when bored. The Doors accompany me on long plane trips. Today Hank Williams Jr. is playing a concert in my brain.

Does anyone else do this? Yeah, I realize this probably makes me crazy!

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