May 12, 2005

Thursday Rants Part II

Here it is another Thursday morning and I find a couple of items in the news that I find unbelievable.

A student pilot and his teacher violated the airspace in the Capitol yesterday, causing widespread panic and evacuations. Their excuse was they were navigating by landmarks and got lost. If you have ever been to Washington or flown into Reagan Airport you are aware the monuments and Government buildings can be seen for miles. The Capitol Building sits on a hill. The Washington Monument is one of the tallest and most recognizable landmarks, and the Pentagon is the world's largest office building. How in the Hell can you miss them? The fact that the airspace around Washington DC is regulated should be a surprise to no one, especially pilots. Were these jerks not tuned to any radio channel? Did the F-16's not spring their memory? Finally it took flare shots at the plane to make these butt monkeys quit performing foliatio and pay attention to their surroundings? "Uh Jimbo, That big old phallic symbol over there makes me a little horny." "Yeah, lets fly closer, I wonder what it is?" Just a couple of beetle brained morons. The student should be grounded for being stupid. The instructor should loose his license immediately. How can he teach ANYONE to navigate by landmarks when he fails to recognize the most recognizable landmarks in the country? For god's sake you can buy a GPS handheld for a couple of hundred bucks. What were these guys thinking?

But that is not where my real anger is directed. It is against the leftist assholes who heard this lame ass excuse and just said, "Oh well they were lost." Bullshit. These jerks caused mayhem and panic by being ignorant butt monkeys and we are just to say forget it? That is a typical leftist feel good approach, only consider the intentions. I bet they would feel different if it was someone who brought a gun to DC. What if it accidentally discharged and killed or wounded someone. Would we get the OH, well response? Sheese these people make me want to puke.

Now about that psycho woman in Georgia. I do not care if she did or did not want to get married. The fact that she filed a false report and lied to police is important. Is there not a law on the books about false reporting in New Mexico or Georgia? She clearly thought (at least a little) the story out when she was able to provide details about the man and woman and how the BOTH sexually assaulted her (calling Doctor Freud). Once again we get the old "she was confused" excuse. Charge this bitch with something, even a misdemeanors, to keep the countless copycats who cannot wait to get themselves on TV from repeating this horseshit. Come on, look what people will do to get on Springer. You think some piece of white trash is not already scheming to out run the runaway bride?

Man I am sick of these appeasers. Let people take responsibility for their actions.


Jeremy said...

I dunno.

These people caused panic because

(A) Yes, the people flying the airplane were dumb (or maybe they had a good excuse, who knows - but they are responsible for breaching protocol)

(B) The gov't of the U.S.A. is scared shitless

Without both of these no incident like the one the other day is possible. Frankly I was a bit amused seeing those who claim so much authority to regulate every aspect of my life running like chickens.

Alnot said...

Nice rant but much too mild. At my place we are discussing what should be done with dirtbag pimps. Got any rocks or baseball bats?

Joe said...

I agree, and frankly any time those dickwads are not working and passing laws and spending money it is a good thing.

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