May 5, 2005

Thursday Rants

Here it is, random thoughts for a Thursday.

I have no comment on this. I just find it ironic and interesting.

When will the American People wake up and realize that the UN has become nothing more than a farce run by third world countries in typical corrupt third world manner. If we could actually get legitimate press coverage of the oil for food scandal and all the other nonsense, we would finally burn that leech of an organization from our shores.

At some time in the next few years can we actually see some ideas from Democrats? Their sole purpose in life seems to obstruct and hate. I think your typical Democrat is a member of the party out of tradition. If the Gary steelworker actually studied what the Party of Hate has come to stand for, he would reject it immediately.

Social Security is a Ponzi scheme. As a member of that generation between the Boomers and Gen X, I am screwed. The Boomers will vote in politicians that keep them in benefits while I am in my peek working years. That means I will pay higher taxes. By the time I retire the Gen Xers will be sick of retirees sucking them dry and will vote to reduce benefits. I am not sure of the fix, but something has to be done.

Why can't we force State, Local, and Federal Governments to live within their means? My local government is allowed to increase taxes by 5% every year. Inflation is running under 2%. I have not seen a raise in three years. I am sure not many of you have had a 5% raise since the early 1990's. Do the math.

I am a salesman that calls on heavy manufacturing. So many of my old customers are gone -- moved to Mexico or overseas, or just closed. These jobs will not be coming back. Wake up people. CHINA IS OUR ENEMY. We all like cheap clothes and electronics, but eventually we will not be able to buy these items if we all just provide services! I am not a protectionist at heart, but the current situation is not working.

Throughout history, there has been the equivalent of a "world war" or at least Europe-wide war within 50 years of a unified Germany.

I have a new goal in life to make sure Hillary Clinton is never elected President. I will register Democrat if necessary just to vote AGAINST her in the primaries. That woman will say and do anything to get elected. I think she may be a bigger liar than Bill. I have almost as much loathing for her as that lying traitor Jane Fonda. I just want Clinton to go away. I want Fonda executed as a traitor.

edit: American Idol scandal, Don't care. Michael Jacklson,. Don't care. Runaway Bride, Don't care. Tm Delay, Don't care. Go Pacers.

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Alli said...

GO PACERS!!! (sorry thats all i've got)

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