May 18, 2005

Today Show Car challenge -- TV for Idiots

Am I the only one who just does not get the "Today Show Car Challenge"? They have three cars: a hybrid, a midsize, and an evil SUV driving from LA to NY. They are comparing the cost to drive. Duh, the SUV is the most expensive and the Hybrid is really cheap.

There is supposed to be a total budget to travel, so the SUV does not get to eat in as nice restaurants etc. The Hybrid people have more disposable cash (gas mileage higher). Did we have to have a "challenge" to figure this out? Am I confused or have they now dumbed down TV to the point that anyone with a brain cannot understand it?

This morning, as they were showing aerial footage of the little hybrid driving down the interstate, it was being passed by every car in sight. My 11 year looked at the screen and said "Huh, who would want a car that goes so slow?"

I think I am raising him right.

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