June 21, 2005

Tuesday. Angry. Tired.

Here is a random list of things that are pissing me off today:

I read this article about the NCAA. Once again these pompous assholes are on a crusade to make the nation politically correct. Wait, I bet I am not allowed to use the word "crusade" and NCAA in the same paragraph, we might offend some islamo-fucking-terrorist. Any way, the it seems that the Seminole tribe is proud that the school thinks the moniker "Seminole" denotes strength, spirit, fight, and honor. If the NCAA had its way all schools would be cougars, bears and the fighting penguins, that is until PETA gets involved. At least I think my high school will be safe -- we were the Frankfort Hot Dogs (honest).

Trent Lott made a few stupid remarks in praise of Strom Thurman. He was stripped of his leadership position and his party threw him under the bus to placate the ass party. This asshole Durbin gives active aid and comfort to the enemy. Not only does his own party back him up, but the spineless, chicken-shit, ass kissing Republicans do not go after him. He is a traitor just like Hanoi Jane Fonda. You do not have to agree with the administration, but as a member of the Senate it is unforgivable that he gives false information that gives aid to the enemy. What he has done is no less execrable than Newsweek. Now it appears that his FBI agent may be made up. Durbin is a tool.

As seen in previous posts, I am a heartless bastard when it comes to kids baseball. I believe you play to win. Last night was the opening round of the league tourney. My boy's team won the first game. I overheard parents from the other team roundly criticizing one of the players who had a key error. The game of baseball is a team sport. His error cost two runs out of the eleven we scored. He has been a great and dependable player for that team all season, he had a bad night. The parents who complained should take note that their kid struck out three times. Maybe if he could hit the damn ball ball instead of jumping out of the batter's box like a big pussy, they might have won. Glass houses and all of that. In addition, these are little kids. Eleven and twelve year olds make errors. Relax, it is just a game, a big league contract and World Series bonus money were not on the line.

The Europeans are always bragging about the sophistication of the F1 racing circuit. Apparently they are unable to figure out how to go around a corner that NASCAR and the IRL negotiate at twice the speed. Of course using French tires might have something to do with it. Good luck and do not let the door hit you on the ass as you run back to Euro land. The head of F1 criticized the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for poor marketing on Friday. What a hoot, when all but 6 drivers refuse to race, we know where the problems are. In addition, two of the three most popular races in the US are held at IMS. I think they have the marketing aspect down. Let us try a pop quiz:

Name two famous automobile races.
Did you say Daytona and Indianapolis 500. Thought so.

Finally, thank you for your thoughts and prayers as we go through a tough week (especially my wife). Today is a beautiful day in Hoosierland. The sun is shining and my day lilies are in full bloom. There is plenty to be thankful for, and in the end, assholes like those I discuss above really do not matter -- but boy, do they piss me off!


Scott said...

I'll chime in and say I'm with ya on the NCAA thing. Especially when it comes to FSU.. Why are they concerned with the tribal name? Especially when the "Tribe" itself supports the use. They have the coolest mascot ever. I love it when he strides out on the stallion and throws down with the spear. Just great stuff. Good read buddy.. and I too suffer from bargain bin DVD disorder..

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Alli said...

wow that was a high quality rant. I'm impressed HB.

Looky you scored your first spam. :)

Hope everything is well. It is gorgeous in Hoosierland, even in Da Region.

Take care!

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