July 5, 2005

The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, or HB Goes Public

Does anyone remember the campy classic The Ghost and Mr. Chicken? Well I am the Don Knotts character in that movie. I am a chicken, fraidy-cat, a nervous Nellie. I hide behind anonymity on this blog because I have a fear of failure, of ridicule. I am bluster and boast. Sure, I am not, nor ever have been, afraid to fight, physically or verbally. I will argue with anyone about anything. Yet, when it comes to my writing I have always been afraid. I once was published in a literary magazine at school. I submitted the work under a false name as I could not bear the thought of rejection.

Well today I started a new chapter in the book of my life. I provided a friend and former colleague the address to this site. For the first time I will not be offering my daily swill to a faceless, unknown, and uncaring audience. Someone out there will know ME. They will judge accordingly. So I congratulate myself for climbing the "high dive" when I started this lowly endeavor. Now I have jumped, and I better know how to swim.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on taking the leap!

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