August 8, 2005

All this pumping makes my arm sore

For the past 15 years I have purchased the majority of my gasoline from a Shell station down the street. It is the closest to my house, and most convenient. No more will they get my hard earned pennies. I am a rare breed I suppose, I like to use cash on occasion. Now they insist I pay them before I pump. Screw that. I usually fill up my gas guzzling SUV. I have no idea what it is going to cost. I do not want to make two trips into the store so I can pay, and then get change if I overpaid. Today I bought a mere $20, and told the cashier that he should tell his owners that they lost an additional $20 in sales today, and any future business I have.

While I was there I saw two other cars pull to the pump, see the sign and leave. I am sure this new policy is because some asswipe stole gas, pumping and jumping. That sucks for the owners. But riddle this -- how much business did that one tank cost those very owners by instituting the draconian response?

The loss of my hundred plus dollars a month will no doubt have little impact on the bottom line for the owners of this station. The new inheritors of my gas pumping largesse will likewise never acknowledge their windfall. I, however, will sleep well knowing I did what I could to punish those who do not appreciate earning my business and fail to trust me.


Anonymous said...

They don't care. But, it feels nice to rant about it! And, read this:

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'll bite, You seemed so proud to brag about your "gas guzzling SUV" . I concur with your grip about paying before pumping, but jeez! I thought that only men with a Hitler complex drove those anymore. I HOPE that you live up a big dirt road hill to have to drive one of those beasts. I do just fine in my 2 wheel drive in Nebraska. I know how to drive in snow.

Joe said...

teresa, you crack me up. Hills in Indiana, we are just Nebraska with trees!

I really am Hitler -- Seig Heil!. No really it is a company car -- used to haul product and customers.

Grampapinhead said...

There were stations that did that around here, I just went elsewhere, something about being treated like a deadbeat.
but, Thanks to them I found out my truck ran better on Sunoco, so been useing that, and the same station for 12 yrs.
Those Pay before you gas places, I just ignored them, then I stopped noticing them, now, thinking about it, I think they aren't there anymore.

'Hitler Complex', man, you have arrived Hoosierboy. Got yer own 'Troll', lurking and watching. Gonna be tough getting to sleep now. Might need some help. Might I suggest a 12 yr old single malt.

Anonymous said...

I prefer a nice tawny port, or harveys.

As for gas Guzzling SUV's, I own two. And I've driven from Omaha nebraska to the far corners of the state, and never needed 4 wheel drive, on or off road. I drive an SUV to carry all my tools, something NO car can do. Oh, and to piss off self righteous car drivers, too. Because I'm a nazi, you understand.

GUYK said...

Mine is not a gas guzzling SUV it is a big gas drinking four door pickup that I drive because of all the crazy nuts in their little cars running into people.Plus I'm a redneck and what is a redneck without a pickemup truck? ANYBODY HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT?

I used to buy gas at a Circle K convience stor near buy until they started that nonsense. And I spend about double that C note on fuel every month-I live a ways out and it takes a couple of gallons to just check the mail. Now I wait until I get into town and pay a couple of cents more per gallon. Charmin' damn people lost a couple of hundred a month of my business.

GUYK said...

By tha way, the headline on this post will probably get you some google hits from the fishermen who are of course master baiters.

Anonymous said...

Wow!, I didn't realize men were so touchy about their rides. Sorry boys,..ahem,..I mean MEN. And I do agree with the nut that posted before me, I as well drive a larger 4 door sedan due to the other crazy little nuts running around. HB, I have been through Indiana,..yawn,..just kidding. Although I do believe we have a few more hills then you do. As far as me being a troll,.. well,..I am only 5'3 so your kinda close.

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