August 27, 2005

Billy Jack

I just finished watching one of the great all-time hippie movies: Billy Jack. I first saw this movie when it became a mega hit at the theaters in about 1972 or so. I was in 5th grade. My brother and I went to see the movie. Of course for weeks afterwards we were reenacting the famous "I'm going to take my right foot..." scene repeatedly. I am sure we were admonished to "knock it off" and Quit that shit" by our parents. You know kids. My older brother took a kick at my stomach and I insticntively put out my hands to block the kick. Long story short my right index finger was shattered, the bone driven through the knuckle into the back of my hand.

If you have never seen the movie it is a riot today. It has all the hippie themes of the day; anti war, anti violence, why can't we just get along. We get a dose of of PETA when Billy stops the senseless slaughter of wild horses. We have racism and mysticism and poor Indians. The townspeople just want to take away rights from good dope smoking "kids". The parents are assholes, and the rich people are the villains. The theme is "Man, if everyone would just dig our scene and like, embrace love and peace, the world would be a wonderful place." Even the ugly hippie that runs the school shows she is a true pacifist when she refuses to give into revenge after she is raped. But Billy is a true badass and gets the bad guy in the end.

The theme song, a catchy tune by coven sums it up, "go ahead and hate your neighbors go ahead and cheat a friend, do it in the name of Heaven, you can justify it in the end..."

I tell you what, I have this overwhelming urge to put a flower in my hair and go to San Francisco. Next up I think I'll watch Hamburger Hill. No, maybe Animal House is in order, just for a dose of reality.


GUYK said...

I have Porky'S one, two, and three on tape and I still watch them once in a while. I think Porky's,the first one, is a classic movie and I laugh my butt off every time I watch it. It is the absurb but believeable shit that happens and eveyone knew a peewee and a meat when they were in high school as well as a Windy who was supposed to be the school pump but really was not. If you have not seen the movie try it. R rated of course but guaranteed a laugh.

Anonymous said...

full metal jacket.

Joe said...

Oh, Yeah Porky's remains one of the all-time funniest movies ever made.

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