August 31, 2005

Human Nature

I have been accused by many, including my wife, of being a cold hearted asshole. I rarely have much compassion for others. I am sure it is a major character flaw. I have to admit the devastation in Mississippi and the deep south leaves me speechless, saddened by the epic loss in property and life. Mother Nature is a fickle bitch.

This disaster further convinces me that the libertarians, and the Anarchists and the Communists are all wrong. A society free of restrictions, government policing, and mores cannot exist. Man is basically a lawless barbarian and as soon as the societal barriers are removed he returns to the greedy thieving animal that lies deep in his soul.

Reports show that looting was going on during the worst of the storm. People were willing to risk their life to steal the property of others. That is sad and sickening. Stealing to live, to feed your children is borderline. Stealing TVs, jewelry and wholesale destruction just for the sake of thievery is beyond comment. These are sick humans, mere wolves in the sheep's hide of civilization. They should be identified, tried and shot. These people are beyond despicable and have no redeeming qualities that qualify them to remain in the bounds of civilization. Eons ago these vermin would be shunned, cast off to survive for themselves in wilds. Now that shunning and excommunication are no longer an option, execution is the next best alternative.

Harsh, yes. Judgmental, yes. A person who takes advantage of others' misfortune deserves no protection of that same societies' laws. Civilization has formed restrictions on behavior (laws) based on the collective ideals of the whole. We do not murder, we do not steal, we do not hurt children. Pretty basic. If you are unable to follow these simple rules, you should no longer be allowed to participate in society. Take a good look at the situation and tell me again why I do not need a gun to protect my family and my property. When polite society and law breaks down due to natural or civil disaster, war, whatever, we must have the means to protect ourselves.

It is clear to any that read the posts on this blog that I am a conservative, I believe when it comes to government interference into our lives the less, the better. The thieving scum in New Orleans and elsewhere have made me realize that we must have some government, if only to protect us from ourselves.


Anonymous said...

They should send in the choppers, and shoot anyone seen looting.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Shoot on sight for looters would quickly solve that problem, for sure.

GUYK said...

I agree although most libertarians would agree also. Libertarians believe that government is necessary for mutual protection and protection of property. The hell of it is that these people would loot under any circumstance that lets them get by with it. This underclass is in every large city in the country and in most of the smaller ones.

Jenifer D. said...

No, I'd say that is a common sense thing. We have too many lawyers in America's law system and not enough bounty hunters. Imagine gathering up your buddies and pooling an unspecifed amount of cash and offer that in exchange for the capture, dead or alive, of any criminal offenders in your community. Money is a motivator, don't forget. :-)

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