August 11, 2005

Open Letter to T. Owens

Dear Mr. Owens,

With all due respect (not much is due I am afraid) please go away. Be quiet. Shut up.

YOU signed the seven year contract with the Eagles. If you were not aware of the contract's contents, you should have asked or hired a representative to explain it to you. If you want to be paid based upon your previous year's work, you should have only asked for a one year contract. If you had a shitty year, I am sure you would ask for less salary the following year, right?

Your family is not starving, you are not asking for more pay in order to "put food on your table".

Everyone is sick of your poisonous attitude. You, sir, represent nearly everything that is wrong with professional sports. If you think you should be paid like other professionals at your position, try acting a little more professional. Marvin Harrison does, and he is paid accordingly. Until then, I do not want to see you do sit-ups. Just go away. Forever.


GUYK said...

I tend to second this motion. It is a team game with no room for prima donnas. Besides he is ugly and his mamma dresses him funny.

MPH said...


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