August 4, 2005

Superman and Other Fallacies

Superman, you may be the man of steel, but you are not real bright. The whole glasses thing is not fooling anyone. Lois and the gang at the Daily Planet know who you are, they are just so embarrassed for you that they do not mention it. Putting on glasses does not change your identity.

I have chronicled in the past that I had to get glasses (bifocals) in March. So far not a single person has failed to recognize me when wearing my glasses. I had occasion to put this to the test this week. I was in big important meetings with engineers, purchasing, etc from a major customer. In this meeting were several people I have not seen in a number of years. They all recognized me. Two past buyers, one from as long ago as 6 years, recognized me immediately. They did not know I was in the building, or even in the area, yet they knew who I was!

I am not big and strong and handsome. I do not disappear every time there is a big crises or story. I do not rescue my closest friends from evildoers and life threatening situations. I would think that if someone just saved your life, made you fall in love with them and looked deeply into your eyes, you would probably remember the face of your hero. Putting on some glasses will not change those things.

Uberman, get over it. We all know who you are, your disguise sucks. I also offer you a bit of fashion advice -- lose the cape -- it makes you look gay.


Anonymous said...

You're sure it's the cape? I was thinking it was the tights...

Anonymous said...

I thought it was the Groucho nose that was attached to the glasses.

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