August 19, 2005

A tapeworm in America's bowels

Grampapinhead has a great post on just what is wrong with the UN.

We need to get the UN out of the US. It is run by corrupt, America hating, Jew hating, Capitalist hating, self serving socialists. We do not need the UN, it has not successfully stopped or prevented a single war in its history. Good riddence, I say.

That is the UN, just a big old tapeworm in America's bowels.


Anonymous said...

A tapeworm is a good analogy.

I was thinking "snake" but snakes might be offended.

Grampapinhead said...

The UN is nothing more than a bad joke with no punchline. The pinnacle of trying to help those who will not help themselves. It is no surprise that they have been helping themselves all along. Where is the angry left in all this and why aren't there pickets and protests about the longstanding corruption.........AND.........AND......
......AND....WELL,...Thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

A tapeworm.. In America's bowels..

Are you inferring that NYC is America's bowels? You better not be, you know. :p

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