August 2, 2005

Thank you in advance

Thanks for your understanding, blogging will be a little light for the next couple of days as I am traveling, trying to do the tasks that bring the bucks to the Hooiserboy household.

I got some great bargains at the famous JR outlet today. If you are a serious cigar guy, you know JRs. Now my wife will have something else to harp on as I sit on the deck of an evening puffing away, the smoke driving off mosquitoes.

Depression is beginning to set in at the house. School begins in just 1-1/2 weeks. The boys are not happy. The oldest is working now, and he is on the schedule for 40 hours this week. That means little to no skateboarding time, and that makes him a grumpy 16 year old. He is not real thrilled with the old man anyway, I insist he pay me the deductible from when he wrecked my car a few months ago. I do not plan to take his whole check, just enough that it hurts until he pays me back the $500. My wife thinks I am being too harsh, I should let it slide. I think it is important to teach him a lesson. The wreck was caused by carelessness, not paying attention. Am I just being an asshole?

I flew for the first time in about a year today. Big deal you say. Yes, I flew an average of 5-6 round trips PER MONTH as little as three years ago. Several years straight of 100 plus trips per year. The whole process at the airport is still a royal pain, not worth the hassle if you are going less than 500 miles. I know now why I have been driving a lot. If you have flown since 9/11 you know what I am talking about. As a side note, I was at home watching TV on 9/11. You see, I was packing for a flight that afternoon.


Alli said...

I don't think you're being an asshole, you're just being a dad. Your job is to teach your son how to be man and take care of his stuff. :)

WWWGeek said...

Good for you. This will make him a better man and a better father when his time comes.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you're being an asshole...just letting him know that actions have consequences and sometimes ones that aren't so fun to deal with.

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