August 24, 2005

They are coming to take you away, haha

I recently changed the subtitle on this blog. It used to read "You would be paranoid too, if everyone was out to get you." That has long been one of my favorite sayings. Unfortunately it also reflects some of the thinkings of the leftist moonbats out there.

Consider this complete lunatic. According to the article Maralyn Lois Polak is a Philadelphia-based journalist, screenwriter, essayist, novelist, editor, spoken-word artist, performance poet and occasional radio personality. I guess we would have to label her somewhat mainstream, yet she has become so focused on her hatred of all things Bush she has become as unbalanced as her hero Cindy Sheehan.

Polak actually goes so far as to assert that Karl Rove caused Cindy Sheehan's mother's stroke. She also believes Rove somehow is behind the divorce filing by Sheehan's husband. The fact Sheehan has gone bat-shit crazy I guess never entered this "journalists" mind. Somehow Rove is behind the counter protests, and it was that same evil genius that convinced the neighbor ajoining Bush's ranch to become angry with the protestors trodding all over his land and blocking his drive.

This Rove is something else indeed. What I do not understand, if he is a power hungry evil genius, why doesn't he just take control of the Government himself? Why use Bush as a front man? If you have the power to cause strokes in the ranks of your enemy, getting Teddy "swimmer" Kennedy drunk enough to drive himself off a bridge should be no problem. Planting an intern to discredit the Clinton's was easy, why can't Rove just cause Bin Laden's mother to suffer a stroke, then arrange for the terrorist mastermind's capture when he comes to visit?

If Polak represents the state of mind in the Democratic Party today, we should be very afraid. THEY are on to us Conservatives. Next they might find out about all the technology we stole from the flying saucers stored out at Area 51. They will learn that evil Republicans were behind the Kennedy assassinations (Karl Rove mind control over Oswald and Sirhan Sirhan). I am really afraid that Polak and her ilk are near to discovering that G. Gordon Liddy and his bunch are behind Casey Sheehan's death in an evil scheme to get at his mother, who knew TOO MUCH!

Next, Polak will expose Rove's evil, long term plan to kill off the dinosaurs, turn their flesh and bones to carbon and then oil, so Haliburton/Shell/Standard Oil/Mobile/Exxon can charge us outrageous gas prices and give us a reason to attack friendly, peaceful kite-flying Iraqis. Be careful, Ms. Polak, the black helicopters are coming for YOU...


GUYK said...

I wish I could say consider the source but the source is the American education system which has been taken over by the moonbats-this an insult to self respecting bats by the way-and is putting out little moonbats faster than hackers can design trojan horses. Charmin bunch of anal orifices who will either have to change their way of thinking or learn to speak arabic one of these days-if they live when the war starts because I am declaring open season on them if we are invaded.

Anonymous said...

If you could read, Mr Blogger in Chief, you would see the author of the column you were disparaging the author of did NOT say Karl Rove gave anyone a stroke except maybe his lover.

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